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//fart noises
I've been in Montenegro for almost 2 weeks now
It's been kinda shit so far but heyy gon be meeting Eva1777 on the 20th so ayyyyy sunshine~

On another note - that moment when your relatives take your drawing notebook and start flipping through the pages even though you frantically shout at them not to because they're too innocent to see the kind of NSFW stuff I have in there
Danger avoided tho they were a page away from the first NSFW drawing in the notebook when they decided to listen and close the thing
I'm tired of this family I really want to move out. All they do is stress me out and leave me out of family matters. As well as over-judge and blame me for everything that happens here.
Tagged by :iconannpar2009: who requested Medusa Quartz o3o


1: Post these rules.
2: Post 8 facts about your character.
3: Tag 8 other characters.
4: Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

1) She's secretly bitter at overrated gems and believes they don't deserve the praise they get

2) She has been on Earth during the war against the Rebellion; during the period she came to realize she's fascinated by ice and its formations on the planet.

3) When Boulder Opal was assigned to her as a beta guard, Medusa was often irritated by her, the reason being the absolutely constant silence even if she at first believed it would be the best trait the large gem has. That, of course, changed after a while and she grew fond of Boulder once they found their own language.

4) Speaking of Boulder, Medusa was the first one to acknowledge her as a gem with an identity, calling her by pronouns and eventually nicknames instead of simply 'guard' or referring to her as 'it'

5) She doesn't do well with happy-go-lucky gems and those with huge amounts of optimism, she believes it's stupid and pointless to have such an attitude

6) Boulder and her formed Analcime three times in total when it was absolutely necessary, though regardless of originally being a Homeworld gem, that wasn't her first time fusing with a gem different from her own (Extra fact: she never fused with another Medusa Quartz to begin with) (but speaking of the gem prior to Boulder, that might be revealed sometime soon uvu)

7) She cares more about Boulder than she dares show unless in private and wouldn't part with her for anything, nor will a different Boulder do

8) In total, she went through five regenerations, the current design being the fourth, actually.

9) BONUS FACT : She was given only one Pearl (Matte Light Sapphire Pearl) as a reward for her deeds during the war, however she happens to have another one next to that one; MLSP came carrying a Pearl gem (Powder Blue Pearl) with her, unknown to authorities. Even though she knew it could get her in trouble to own another Pearl illegally, she decided to allow the other Pearl to stay upon MLSP's pleading, likely out of pity seeing how Powder is, in a way, a defective Pearl and it would be a waste to get rid of him. The only ones who know of Powder Blue's residence with them are Medusa, MLSP and Boulder Opal.

10) BONUS FACT : Even though their personality is often not one Medusa's fond of, she's actually quite conflicted about :iconpettyprince:'s Star Diopside and it's actually a topic she turns down instantly, seeing how she herself has no idea what her view on them is. They're very pleasant to be around and to her it's a very confusing trait.

There you have it, 10 facts about MQ instead of 8 just because I can .v.

I'm not gonna tag peeps tho, if anyone wants to do this, go for it yo!~ uvu
Ok so I've been having this problem for a while now, and I never bothered truly looking into it until just now.
For some reason, my (C: ) Hard disk drive keeps losing memory. Over the past week it's lost up to 20GB, yesterday the most free space I had on it was 72.4GB, now it's fallen to 49.3GB (and hell if it keeps up like this the computer could be dead by tomorrow ughh)
The problem is I don't know what is happening? It's been quite a long while since I've downloaded (or installed) anything largely sized, and even when I did I put everything on the (Z: ) hard disk which keeps the same free space so far (205GB).
If there's anyone who knows what's happening, what the problem is and how I could fix it it would mean a whole bunch!


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